FAQs – ThermoCovers

1. How often do downlights cause fires around the world?

Fire service reports from around the world have stated, that one related fire incident occurs approximately every 3-5 days.

2. Could I be held responsible if a fire started from one of the downlights that I have installed, or even inspected as an electrician?

Yes, Insurance companies look for someone to blame. Electrical Authorities must prove from the regulations applicable at the time of your service, that you have not been negligent. Therefore you cannot afford ONE risky downlight, even if you rarely see an audit inspector. You are responsible to sign a certificate of installation compliance to the current standard. And “Duty of Care” is another legal obligation that all contractors should be well aware of. Negligence occurs when being a professional they know, (or should know) something can cause harm to a person or property and fail to inform the client of the hazard and the options available to the customer to reduce the hazard potential.

3. Is there any good reason why I should NOT use the cheapest fire protection products available?

Yes. Firstly, what do you expect of a product? Is there any point in paying for partial protection of the fittings? Is the product offered actually a genuine fire resistant enclosure? Does the product work with all types of insulation? Be aware that if any installation possesses a fire risk, you are basically insuring your client and carrying the risk of the fire for the life of each downlight, at YOUR own expense. So, use ONLY products that are certified to the standard EN-60598.

4. Does the Thermo Covers downlight enclosure provide much greater benefits over other enclosures?

Yes, definitely. Thermo Covers are the only patented product on the market that has a lid to provide ventilation. Placing the lid in an open position helps with venting of heat which helps prevent overheating when fitted with music speakers or lighting. Placing the lid into the closed position will increase air tightness which increases energy saving. Also within the lid you can place a tab locator which helps you locate the light fitting easily even when the insulation is placed over the enclosure. With the increased area around the light fitting due to the 270mm diameter enclosure (to give a 150mm clearance around your electrical fitting), this allows for heat build up to disperse evenly which will ensure the full life expectancy of the light fitting.

5. Can Thermo Covers be used with all types of insulation?

Yes, it can be used with all types of insulation such as Rolled/Batt, Glass fibre, Rockwool, Cellulose and Earthwool.

6. Do Thermo Covers provide Noise Reduction?

Yes, noise reduction up to 3.5dB per unit installed.

7. What Energy Saving can I expect when using Thermo Covers?

Thermo Covers conserves up to 6% (per unit installed) of home heating. They can be used with suspended ceilings, plasterboard ceilings.

8. What wattage lamps can be used with Thermo Covers?

Thermo Covers can be used with up to 50W lamps.

9. Why use Thermo Covers with LED Lights?

Within an LED is a semiconductor chip which emits light when electrical current is passed through it. The point in the chip where electricity converts from positive to negative charge is known as the junction, the temperature at this location is known as junction temperature.

LED’s are tested and rated at 25 degrees Celsius (ambient). However when installed, the junction temperature can raise to 60 degrees Celsius or higher. When locating an LED lighting system in an insulated and relatively small space, it will likely result in an increased junction temperature. The high junction temperature can lead to a reduction in light output of 25% and significantly decrease the life expectancy of the LED itself. Therefore placing our Fire Prevention Thermo Cover over the LED light fittings will allow the heat to dissipate safely, helping to protect against potential fires and also guarantee the full working life of the LED.

10. Are Thermo Covers easy to install?

Oh yes, they are very easy to install. There are no screws, no drilling or any additional supports required. Place the enclosure over the light fitting (or music speaker / extractor fan) and you can use intumescent bonding paste or tape to secure the base of the cover. If you need more information, click here for the Installation Instructions.

11. Do the Thermo Covers require any maintenance after they are installed?

No, they are maintenance free.