Fire safety light cover / Air-tightness light cover 
Draught-proofing light cover / Condensation barrier light cover 
Allows for continuous loft insulation
Downlight & Extractor Fan Cover
Can be used in open lofts & Can be used between floors

Downlight Fire Prevention Cover

Patented Technology

ThermoCovers Patented technology is Guaranteed Irish designed and manufactured

6% Energy Saving

The energy saved when using ThermoCovers  over your recessed lighting

Conserves up to 6% of your home heating requirements.

Fire Prevention

Protects recessed lights from insulation and the risk of overheating. Prevents fire from penetrating the ceiling void and retains ceiling's fire protection integrity.

ThermoCovers are compliant with the fire safety standards requirements of EN 60598

Installed in seconds

No screws, drilling or additional supports required.

  1. 1, Clean the ceiling surface
  2. 2, Place electrical cables into cable holders,                  remove cable entry break out tabs
  3. 3, Place flush to ceiling slab
  4. 4, Use intumescent bonding paste or tape to                secure the base of the ThermoCover
  5. 5, Insulation can be placed around and over the          ThermoCover Fire Prevention Unit
  6. 6, Lid Open = Venting of heat
  7. 7, Lid Closed = Increased Air Tightness 

Fits larger recessed light

Diamentions 270mm Length x 270mm Width x 200mm Height

This Fire Prevention light cover from Thermocovers can be used for the larger style CAN lighting.

  1. 1, Fire Protection cover
  2. 2, Increases the working life of you light fitting
  3. 3, Increased airtightness 
  4. 4, Reduces home heating requirements
  5. 5, Ventilation
  6. 6, Can be used to locate items in you loft / attic 
  7. 7, Prevents - insects - dust - debris - insulation           fibres from entering you home
  8. 8, Music speakers have adequate air supply to            prevent overheating once a ThermoCover is            placed over the speaker

Reduces Heat Loss

Reduces heat loss and increased airtightness - with lid in the closed position


Ventilated to reduce heat build up - with lid in the open position. Prevents fire from penetrating the ceiling void and retains ceiling's fire protection integrity.

Maintenance free

Fit it and forget about it.